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Five Star Melon 5 Satisfaction


2023年3月1日   当店看板商品生メロンソフトクリーム」の店頭販売は、



​         必ずお電話やメールで事前確認の上、ご来店頂きますようお願い申し上げます。

​ 東京ドーム『ふるさと祭り東京2023』に出店します!

2023年1月5日  1月13日(金)~22日(日)の10日間、東京ドームで開催される






​         2023年も札幌やおきゅうにご贔屓賜りますようお願い申し上げます。


2022年12月19日 当店は12月20日(火)~1月28日(土)の期間、





Thank you for visiting the website of Sapporo Yaoki (Yakuwa Co., Ltd.).

Our store was founded in November 2003 as a food supermarket that mainly handles fresh and delicious vegetables and fruits, and we are welcoming today as a traditional greengrocer who is closely related to the area.

In recent years, we have also focused on the nationwide external sales business, and are actively opening stores at Hokkaido product exhibitions and gourmet festivals.

Our signature product, "Raw Melon Soft Ice Cream," is a product that is truly unique to Yahyakuya, using red meat melon and Hokkaido milk soft serve, which our representative has calculated the taste, shape, sugar content, ripening time, etc., and carefully selected by their connoisseurs. ..

Due to its visual impact, it was featured in many media and became a big hit product such as recording a waiting time of up to 2 hours. Thanks to you, we are now able to gain popularity and popularity as a luxury sweet that represents Hokkaido.

As a popular dessert representing Hokkaido, we expanded overseas with Thailand (Bangkok) in 2017 and Singapore (Sentosa Island) in 2019, and I learned that it is as popular overseas as in Japan and its deliciousness is universal. ..

This "raw melon soft serve" has an eat-in space only in the summer and is also sold over the counter.

It has been highly evaluated by local customers, and many tourists from outside Sapporo and outside Hokkaido come to our shop for the purpose.

In addition, we also ship nationwide vegetables and fruits that are proud of Hokkaido, such as asparagus, potatoes, onions, pumpkins, etc., including Yubari melon.

You can purchase from our online shop as well as at the store.

Please feel free to contact us as we can also handle orders according to your budget and gifts according to your purpose.

The melons used in our shop are mainly contract farmers

Carefully selected and purchased the most delicious foods according to the season.

As a trusted and unique brand that promises five satisfactions to our customers

I named it "Five Star Melon".


Five Star Melon 5 Satisfaction

Promise ① Freshness and taste

Promise ② Safe and secure

Promise ③ Fun / Smile

Promise ④ Happiness / health

Promise ⑤ High quality and low price

Company Profile

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Eat-in menu

Eat-in space is set up in the store only in the summer

We sell fresh melon soft serve ice cream.

Sales time is by phone or inquiry form

Please feel free to ask a question.


The online shop of Sapporo Yaoki

it's here.

We mainly sell seasonal vegetables caught in Hokkaido.

* Okinawa prefecture and remote islands are outside the target area.

Please note that.

Photo gallery
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Inquiries / Questions


For inquiries, questions, event openings, etc., please click here.

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