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In-store menu

It is a price for over-the-counter sales. Please note that the price will be different from the price at the time of participation in product exhibitions and events.


Raw melon soft serve

(Large) 1,300 yen (Small) 1,000 yen

This is a very popular product outside Hokkaido and overseas! A gorgeous dessert that uses carefully selected red meat soft-boiled eggs.


Hokkaido raw milk soft serve

300 yen

Safe and secure additive-free. Rich and creamy Hokkaido taste.


Raw melon soft serve W

(Large) 1,500 yen

Two kinds of soft serve ice cream on top of melon. An evolved version of luxury! Enjoy the popular menu in Osaka in Sapporo!


Hokkaido raw milk soft serve

400 yen

Because Yubari melon juice is used, the taste of Yubari melon is as it is ♪


Raw melon parfait

700 yen

I put fresh melon soft serve in a cup so that it is easy to eat like a parfait. Reasonable is also a popular secret.


Mixed soft serve

350 yen

When you're wondering what to eat, decide on a delicious greedy mix once and twice!

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